Policy guide

Types of insurance explained

Material Damage

Material Damage provides cover for sudden and accidental physical loss or damage to insured assets. Dropped your laptop or have damaged stock? This is the policy you’ll need to claim on.

Business Interruption

Works alongside a Material Damage policy; this covers the financial loss your business might suffer following physical loss or damage. Turnover down due to business closure or need to fit out an alternative premises? This is the policy that will see you through.

Motor Vehicle

Provides cover in the event you’ve damaged your vehicle or (uh-oh) damaged some else’s vehicle or property.

Public Liability

Provides cover in the event you are legally liable for physical damage caused to third party property. Remember to review contracts or tender documents to check your contractual requirements or better yet – let us do that for you! We provide contract reviews for all commercial clients.

Statutory Liability

Provides protection in the event you are alleged to have unintentionally breached New Zealand statute. Most common Acts are covered and include (but are not limited to) Health and Safety at Work Act, Commerce Act, Building Act and Resource Management Act. The policy can provide cover for fines (except under Health and Safety legislation), reparations and legal defence costs.

Employers Liability

Covers your business if an employee alleges they have suffered an illness or injury in the workplace, where not otherwise covered by ACC legislation (like occupational stress or disease caused by gradual process). The policy can cover damages and legal defence fees.

Directors & Officers

Designed to protect directors, officers and management employees against claims bought against them in connection with their duties undertaken on behalf of the company. As a Director or Officer, the personal liability you face can be unlimited, risking your own personal wealth and assets. This policy can provide protection - extremely important in an increasingly litigious world!

Cyber Liability

From phishing attacks to malware, to plain old employee error, cyber losses are on the rise which is why all businesses that have an online presence (big or small) should have Cyber cover. It can cover things like loss of business income and the cost of restoring your data or network, right through to reparation and penalties resulting from a privacy breach.

Professional Indemnity

Do you provide any professional advice or technical consultancy or design work? If there is an error or omission in the advice or work you provide, it could cause financial loss to a third party, leaving you legally liable to meet those costs – this policy can provide peace of mind (for you and your customers) that you are protected.

Employment Practices Liability

Personal grievance claims alleging unlawful dismissal, discrimination and harassment are on the rise and the cost to manage these is expensive. This policy can cover awards made against the insured parties and their legal defence costs, even when the employee’s claims are unwarranted.

Marine Cargo

Provides cover for items damaged in transit, whether sent by sea, air or land, internationally or within New Zealand. Can be arranged for a one-off transit or on an annual basis.


Airline lost your bags or have to take an unfortunate trip to the hospital? Travel insurance can provide cover for either domestic or international trips, for the purpose of either business or leisure. We recommend annual policies for our commercial clients as the policy can cover you, your employees, spouses and children, giving you complete piece of mind there’s cover in the event of a mishap.

Domestic Home & Contents

Covers sudden and accidental physical loss or damage to your dwelling and/or contents. If you misplace your mobile phone or accidentally drive into your garage door (this happens more than you know!) these are the policies to call on.